Thursday, January 15, 2009

God's promise

Today was another great day with the Lord. He is so amazing and filling. I always underestimate the power of the Holy Spirit. And that is knowing the very little amount that I understand, I even underestimate that. After reading more of His word today, I am always and truly amazed how it is LIVING. The Word is sharper than a double edge sword and pierces. He is constantly revealing Himself, if we are willing to open ourselves to Him. Claudia and I discussed how on this journey with Lord, He has opened some many other areas in our lives that He wants to change. This is so much more than just a "diet" and a "weight loss" adventure. Yes, an adventure. I am sensing that God doesn't really care how I look on the outside, but where my heart is. He wants to refine my faith. As I realize how much my sin of gluttony separates me from my Savior and how He desires me to move forward with Him. To move onward to fulfill His will for my life. To move away from my self-centered ideas, and to be more Christ-centered. To experience His delights and steadfast love, even when I fail.

Praise you Jesus.


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Joan said...

I have something for the two of you. Stop by my blog tomorrow.