Friday, December 12, 2008

Claudia's Weigh-In (not)

Here we are, Friday again, and -oops- I forgot to weigh! And I always weigh at the same time of the day, so I'm going to have to wait until tomorrow. Although, I did weigh 3 days ago, and I had gained that 3# back. : p

Natasha and I talked about how there may be weeks that we gain weight, or stay the same, but if we continue on the track that we're on, we will actually see progress. As D has always encourages us, it's not always the number on that scale that tells what's really going on. Yes, in the long run, if we are faithful to this committment, we will see our weight go down. But on a day-to-day and week-to-week basis, we may only notice other ways in which we are growing and changing.

For example, even though I gained weight this week again, I did exercise 4x. When we first started this blog, guess how many times a week I was exercising?? ZERO. And I really had no desire to. I honestly didn't think I ever would have a desire to, and didn't think I could work it into my schedule. So for about the first month, I just didn't even try. But finally, I made the committment to exercise twice a week, 10 min. each.

And now, I crave the exercise. If I don't exercise, I feel yuck. It's like I get an unsettled, antsy feeling if I don't exercise. And my goal is 3x a week, 20 min. each. Although, I will try to shoot for 4 when I can. So, that's an awesome improvement for me!

Also, my attitude was much better this week than last. For the last 2 weeks, I was just in such a slump. My attitude really stunk, and I just didn't feel like trying. I didn't write down what I was eating, and I had no desire to control myself.

This week, the first few days weren't so great, but as the week went on, I kept spending time with the Lord, offering myself to Him, repenting of my sin, and enjoying fellowship with Him. And my attitude got better! I started writing down my points again and made a conscious effort to control how much I ate.

So, I am just really thankful to the Lord for how He's helping me. And how I don't have to rely on the scale to gauge my progress and growth.

Praise the Lord!

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