Saturday, February 14, 2009

Anchor Friday

Sorry for the (yet again) late Anchor Friday post. It's been a busy weekend and the time that I did have I took the opportunity to relax and do nothing! I don't get to do that very often. But, thank you Joan, for your faithfulness to post every Friday! It was a great post. Check it out!!

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Ginger said...

I came across your blog via Beth in NC's blog. I must say that your blog title captured my attention. Thank you for this. It is a blessing. Whatever individuals are struggling with in eating, Christ must be the center. In my family's situation, it was anorexia.

I'm about to start an awareness on my blog this week for Eating Disorders Awareness Week. Our daughter battled this disorder, but has been recovering over the last couple of years and doing very well. It has been a journey. I read several of your posts and boy so many of the same scriptures apply and hit home with me.

Thank you again for your transparency. You're touching so many people in so many ways.