Sunday, February 8, 2009

Weigh in for Natasha and Claudia

Hello. This week Claudia lost one pound and I stayed the same. We are in the midst of changing our scales around, so we will truly see the new number next week. Isn't it funny how we have tricked ourselves into believing or trusting a certain scale even if other scales do not say the same. For example, my scale is about 3-5 pounds lighter than my doctor's scale. OF course, I am upset when I see the doctor and that scales says 5 more pounds. Like it makes a difference, being that I am still 150 pounds overweight. Like my doctor isn't going to yell at me if he would have seen what my scale said that morning.

The point is, I am way off the mark in my weight. I have confessed this week to Claudia that I didn't even try to fight my flesh this week. I just ate and ate. Whatever, whenever, however. So, now after reading some of your posts, I am encouraged and realize that I must get serious again about this. It is a sin. I am truly tired of feeling miserable. I hate how I look and want to be healthier.

Thank you for your encouragement! You are truly a blessing!



TreasuringChrist said...

Thanks, Natasha, for sharing your heart. We are in this together, and we're not quitting; we will conquer our flesh and put away this sin that so easily entangles us! To Christ be the glory.


Joan said...


God will be there with you every step of the way. Pray for help and He will answer. Knowing and admitting our sin is the hardest thing to do, but I know God will bless you for your courage.

Praying for you!

D said...

KOKO (keep on keeping on) -- weight loss is a frustrating thing, especially when it doesn't go in the right direction. As Christians, eating well (healthily) and looking after our temples is more important than what the scales say, but of course the scales are important for health. That being said, as I said to a friend last week (who had a great week yet gained 2 lbs.) -- the Lord looks at what we are doing to fight the flesh so even if we ate well & exercised, we have done what we should. So we shouldn't fret if the scales don't say what we want them to say. Yes, we are disappointed, but KOKO! The Lord sees our hard work. D