Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Check-In

Happy Monday everybody! Hope you all are doing well and controlling your eating and enjoying Christ!

Calories: Claudia- don't know??? I ate 560 before we left the house, and then we went to Golden Corral (I ate lots of salad and veggies, and a little shrimp, steak & banana pudding). I think it's safe to say I have eaten my fill : ) I won't take any chances, and I feel very satisfied right now.
Natasha- 1650..but it was all healthy..veggies, fruit and meat. I went over because I had added sunflower seeds to my salad and had some soy it was healthy fat that I went over with.
See how I am trying to make it sound better! Hope you are walking right now Claudia! Let's talk tomorrow..

Exercise: Claudia- NONE. Maybe I'll go walk right now and come back and change that------>> I did walk! Only for 15 minutes, and it was very slow b/c my tummy was still full, but at least I did something : )
Natasha-30 minutes on ellipitcal trainer. very tired!


TreasuringChrist said...

Natasha, yes, you did eat very healthy...good job! But you still have to try to keep it to 1500!!

TreasuringChrist said...

What? Did you say something???