Thursday, November 20, 2008

1-Meal Fasting

Today Natasha and I are fasting for just one meal-lunch. And, I think we agreed that we would not save those points/calories for the rest of the day; rather, we count them as if we used them (Natasha is doing a diabetic-type diet, and I am doing Weight Watchers).

This morning I was so tempted to just eat a little extra, knowing that I would be losing about 8 points at lunchtime. But I didn't. It kinda defeats the purpose, ya know? So, hopefully, by God's grace, I will control myself the rest of the day and just eat normal.

So, my normal snack time is 3:00, and it's 2:20 now. So, I plan to have a yogurt and maybe some pretzels. And then dinner will be at 5:30. Which reminds me! I need to get it in the crockpot!

Keep your eyes on the Lord and honor Him in all you do today!


MJ said...

It is so funny how our first instinct is to compensate for something we won't have. Good for you for not giving in!

TreasuringChrist said...

Great job Claudia! Again we are reminded how much we do have. Amazing how I panic whenever I have to give up a meal. I am convicted of how much I depend on food and not HIM!