Saturday, November 15, 2008

Weigh in

The last two days were wonderful. I had a great time supervising my niece's "dance" party. Not to mention all the exercise I got from running up and down stairs and just having fun with the kids.

I have not weighed in like Claudia has. Not because I am afraid of what will show, but because I want to wait until next Friday. The day, in my mind, that I am holding myself responsible to.

I had small victories this weekend. I kept myself focused on my relationships to others, not food. I spent time taking care of my body by exercising, not by eating. I prayed a lot. That is my saving grace in all of this. We have a God who wants to talk to us all the time. And boy, I can talk. But, it is great that He never gets tired or weary of that. It is comforting to know that I am not invisible to Him, like I feel sometimes in this world. As a heavy person, I do not feel heard or seen sometimes. God sees our heart.

Praise you Jesus!


TreasuringChrist said...

Hi Natasha! I'm glad you had a great and victorious weekend. I know you did better than I would have. So, I didn't quite understand why you didn't weigh? Why are you waiting til next Friday?

Well, the Lord is definitely good. I am praying for you!

D said...

((( hugs ))) I'm glad that you're taking the steps needed to have a healthy temple!! Just checking in & I will try to see your WI on Friday! I'm proud of both of you -- & encouraged too! D

MJ said...

Good job on the weekend!!!