Sunday, November 30, 2008

My weigh in

Claudia and I seem to be on opposite weeks with our weigh loss. I lost the 6 pounds I had gained from last week, so I am back at the starting point. I am grateful for that weight loss, now I look forward to losing more. So, my prayer is that both Claudia and I will lose weight this week.

We made it through the one holiday. Now, we have the whole month of Christmas celebrations. I am asking for prayer on not to indulge on all those yummy treats that people will be bringing into my workplace.
I will also up my exercise time to help me with those extra calories. It will also help me to say no when I have just exercised. Doesn't that seem to work that way? Whenever I exercise faithfully, I seem to have more control.

Claudia doesn't know it yet, but she will here shortly..I am going to ask her to fast two days this month with me..Either two separate days or two in a row. What do you think of that? What are some suggestions that you may have?

I know that I am most thankful during this time that I have the support of Claudia and you who is reading this. Thank you!

Praise you Jesus!


TreasuringChrist said...

{straight face. no response}

D said...

Just wanted to encourage both of you to KOKO (keep on keeping on)! I have learned that the scale is a good measure of success but so is breaking down those strongholds that cause us to do destructive things -- like eat when we aren't hungry or to forego exercise even though our bodies are calling out for it. Look for improvements -- and you will see success! I'm as slow at a turtle, but I will get there! D

TreasuringChrist said...

Thanks so much, D, for your encouragement. I really need it right now. I am really losing momentum these days, and just not feeling up to all this! It's very hard, takes so much concentration and discipline, and I just don't feel that I have it.

TreasuringChrist said...

This is Claudia, by the way.